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Mother's Hip Size May Affect Daughter's Breast Cancer Risk

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According to a new study of women in Finland published in the American Journal of Human Biology, the size and ratio of a woman's hips may influence whether or not her daughters get breast cancer.

A woman's vulnerability to breast cancer, the study found, was greater if her mother's "intercristal diameter" -- the widest distance between the wing-like structures at the top of the hip bone -- was more than 30 centimeters, or 11.8 inches. The risk also was higher if these wing-like structures were round. The breast cancer risk was 2.5 times higher for the daughters of women in whom the widest distance was more than 3 centimeters greater than the distance at the front.

According to the study, breast cancer may be established in the growing embryo in the first trimester of pregnancy when it is exposed to high levels of sex hormones circulating in the mother's body.

Hip Size Of Mothers Linked To Breast Cancer In Daughters

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