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Aspirin May Mask Important Sign of Prostate Cancer
Aspirin lowers PSA levels and makes it harder to detect prostate cancer, according to a new study.

My Uncle Has Prostate Cancer
My family just found out that my uncle has prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials in Dallas, Texas Area
Barry Mirtsching, MD, director of a clinical research program at Medical City Dallas Hospital, discusses the current prostate cancer trials underway at his hospital.

Pomegranate Juice May Fight Prostate Cancer
Researchers at UCLA have found that chemicals in pomegranate juice called ellagitannins may fight prostate cancer by slowing its growth.

Camels Used to Diagnose and Treat Prostate Cancer
Researchers at the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) in Dubai are using camels to generate antibodies that will help to diagnose and treat prostate cancer.

The Robot Option
I have just gone through the robot-assisted procedure to remove the prostate. The path reports came back today, and all is well—margins are clear, as are the lymph nodes. The path report showed the cancer to have been in both lobes and to have been a Gleason 7.

Selenium and Vitamin E Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk
Higher dietary intake of selenium may reduce prostate cancer risk when combined with high vitamin E intake.

Penis Size Reduced By Prostate Cancer Treatment
A study has found that treatment for advanced prostate cancer reduces penis size by an average of over two inches.

The Prostate - Knowledge Through Humor
An amusing video that uses humor to talk about the facts of prostate cancer

Promising Canadian Prostate Cancer Research
Researchers in British Columbia have engineered a "decoy" molecule that not only successfully blocked the growth of an incurable form of prostate cancer tumor but also shrunk the tumors.

Low Rates of Prostate Cancer in Schizophrenia Patients
Men with schizophrenia have lower rates of prostate cancer than the general population.

Brachytherapy and Long-Term Prostate Cancer Survival
Brachytherapy, or seed implants, can result in high long-term survival rates in men with prostate cancer.

Celebrities with Prostate Cancer
A list of celebrities with prostate cancer and quotes by famous prostate cancer survivors.

Tomatoes and Broccoli Fight Prostate Cancer Together
Tomatoes and broccoli, both powerful cancer fighters, appear to be especially effective against prostate cancer when eaten together.

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